"A Mentor Can Make a Huge Difference in How You Work and Who You Become."

"A Mentor Can Make a Huge Difference in How You Work and Who You Become."

Hello! I’m Holly Hagan, MSc.

I’m a medical writer, course creator, and certified coach.

I’ve been working in healthcare advertising and communication since 2009, and I’ve learned a thing or two along the way ;)

But more importantly, I remember what I wished I had when I started out in the industry. That’s why I created the Top Medical Writer™ brand. 

My purpose is to help medical writers, like you, become even better by mastering your psychology and your skills.

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Upcoming Webinars

"Who Does What? Understanding the Role of Your Team at the Ad Agency"

Join me for an introduction to understanding the different roles at an agency and how you work with them, as a medical copywriter.

"What Types of Projects Do Medical Copywriters Work On?"

Join me for an exploration of the different project types that medical copywriters typically work on.
Top Medical Writer Coaching Program
A coaching program specialized for medical writers. My approach to coaching combines mind-mastery and experience-based suggestions. Book your free 30-minute call to see if this program is right for you.
Top Medical Writer Medical Copywriting Course
This course is for writers with 0-2 years’ experience in healthcare communications. Students will be guided through the development of a key piece of HCP marketing. Learn by doing with the support of a pro. 
Top Medical Writer Mentorship Group
Join me, live online, once a month to ask questions you have about medical writing. 
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