The Medical Copywriting
Training Program

This 10-module training program prepares you for entry-level roles as a medical copywriter in the pharmaceutical advertising industry. 
  • Self-paced lessons
  • Synchronous facilitation
  • Hands-on experience
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Pharmaceutical Advertising Is a Multi-BILLION-Dollar Industry…

Yet getting in without prior experience is often challenging and on-the-job training is fragmented at best.

The Medical Copywriting Training Program teaches you the skills you need, so you can:

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Increase your pay range

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Build your portfolio

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Improve your confidence

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Produce great work

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Student Testimonial
Now I feel more confident and knowledgable about medical copywriting, especially with identifying key messages for prescription products. Holly is a knowledgable and supportive instructor. 
~Lauretta Iyamu, PharmD
Student Testimonial
I'm really enjoying the course. The course content is delivered in manageable amounts. I like to digest and review the material, so having the recordings has been really helpful for me personally to be able to go over the information again.
~Hannah Eadie, Staff Copywriter
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Student Testimonial
You know those courses where, when you get your certificate at the end, you can say, "I really did that work and that work did something for me?" I'm proud to say I've completed this course!
~Peter Stein, DC, PhD, Freelance Medical Writer
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Learn the foundations of medical copywriting

So you can accelerate your career and join a growing, yet niche, industry

Students from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds have learned medical copywriting:

  • Pharmaceutical sales
  • Research scientist
  • Medical doctor
  • Pharmacist
  • ​Chiropractor
  • ​Freelance writer
  • ​Medical writer
  • ​Staff copywriter
Medical copywriters from agencies in Canada, Europe, and the US have taken this course.
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Find out more about the curriculum

Medical Copywriting Training Program combines asynchronous learning with synchronous facilitation and direct feedback on your work

Mind-mastery Lessons
Templates & Checklists
Bonus Lessons
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The medical copywriting program includes:

  • Creation of a portfolio piece
  • Practical assignments
  • Group discussions (asynchronous)
  • ​Office hours with the instructor (synchronous)
  • ​Assessments and 1-1 feedback
Here's the Action Checklist that will help you stay on track.

Learn the skills that you will actually use on the job:

  • Creative and compliant medical copywriting
  • Communicating within a project team
  • Presenting your work to clients
  • ​Applying stakeholder feedback
Your role as a medical copywriter involves more than just copywriting.

The Course Follows typical agency workflow ~ from briefing to layout

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Get oriented in the world of pharmaceutical advertising starting with a high-level overview of the industry before getting granular.
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Intro to Your Project

You'll start with understanding the basics of HCP promotional material and how it's used in the field. You'll also be introduced to the terms of marketing authorization, an important document that contains the boundaries of the product's brand messages. 
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The Brief

The tactical brief guides your copy development. You'll learn what to expect in a good brief and which questions to ask when you don't have all the information you need. You'll finish this module by attending the briefing meeting for your project.
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The Content Outline

A content outline serves many purposes in your copy development journey. You'll learn how to plan your copy like a content strategist. Next, you'll present your content outline and provide your recommendations and supporting rationale.
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In this module, you'll learn how to take the salient points from your source material and present them effectively as copy. You'll go through various exercises from headline development and copy editing, to style and writing footnotes to hone your craft.
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Referencing and Annotating

Part of the medical copywriter's role is to prepare a clear and accurate reference package that will aid in the assessment of brand claims. In this module, you'll learn how to find suitable references and prepare a reference package for your project.
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Fair Balance and ISI

Canada, the UK, and the US each have certain rules for preparing and displaying the risk information that accompanies the benefit claims in piece. In this module you'll learn how to develop highest-level fair balance (Canada) and how incorporate Important Safety Information (US) and Prescribing Information (UK) into your project.
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Regulatory Considerations

Pharmaceutical advertising is a highly regulated industry where marketing claims have to be considered carefully. Brand claims must be scientifically sound and accurate and must not be misleading. In this module, you'll explore the advertising regulations and learn what you can do to make your copy compliant.
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Design and Review

Your role does not end with submitting your copy. Medical copywriters are involved in their projects through to layout, including client review and regulatory review. In this module, you'll learn about some elements of design and what to look for when you review layouts.
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Layout and Showcase

As you progress through each module, you will apply what you learn to your project, resulting in a final layout. You will present it and then field questions from your instructor and peers.

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Meet Your Instructor
I’m Holly Hagan, and I’ll be your instructor in this course. 

As a medical writer, I’ve developed advertising copy for ground-breaking prescription brands marketed by major pharma companies in Canada and the US (going back to 2009).

Yet, I felt unprepared when I started in the industry. I was fresh out of grad school, and in full transparency, I didn’t even know what a copywriter was until after I got hired as one.

That’s why I created the Medical Copywriting Training Program—to help you gain practical knowledge about pharmaceutical marketing and copywriting techniques while collapsing the timeline from beginner to experienced writer.
Signature of Holly Hagan
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is medical copywriting? 
Medical copywriting involves writing advertising and promotional material about healthcare products and services by leveraging clinical data in the marketing claims.
What is a portfolio? 
A portfolio (or book) is a sample of your work. It demonstrates the quality of your writing so that prospective employers or clients can see what you’ve done and what you could do for them too.
Where do medical copywriters work?
Medical copywriters tend to work in advertising agencies that specialized in healthcare advertising. Medical copywriters can also provide freelance services to those agencies
How long does it take to complete the course?
It is entirely possible to complete the course in about 10 weeks. It all depends on how much time you have available to work through the self-paced modules and complete the exercises. Many students who take the course also work full time as an employee or freelancer.
Is office hour attendance mandatory?
Attending the office hours is highly recommended. There, you can engage with your instructor and hear directly from your peers. You may also choose to watch the office hour recordings if you cannot attend. Office hours run once to twice a week around mid-day, Eastern Time Zone.
Are the office hours recorded?
Yes, the office hours are recorded. You will have access to previous recordings as soon as you join.
Why are there mind-mastery lessons?
The mind-mastery lessons help you stay focused and centred throughout the program. With any new undertaking, moments of self-doubt can arise. These lessons help you stay out ahead of it.
Will the course help me understand the PAAB Code?
The PAAB is an independent organization that reviews pharmaceutical advertising in Canada. Discussing the Code in context of a specific piece of marketing material is very helpful and that will be covered in the course.
Will the course help me understand FDA advertising requirements?
The FDA is a federally regulated agency that oversees prescription drug advertising in the US. In the course we discuss the advertising requirements for HCP-facing material.
What are the enrolment requirements?
English fluency is strongly recommended; base-level understanding of life science. 
Are there any financial assistance or payment plans available?
Payment is due in full at the time of registration. This gives one person access to the course material, discussion group, and office hours for 6 months. Prices are in CAD.
I oversee learning and development at my agency. Will this program help train the copywriters?
Yes! There is a special offer for agency groups of ≥6 people. Custom training and program licensing agreements are possible. Please contact the course developer at support @ topmedicalwriter . com.
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Join the Medical Copywriting Training Program

  • 10 self-paced modules – instant access ($1,997)
  • Private course discussion group ($597)
  • Direct feedback on your assignments ($650)
  • ​Checklists and templates ($97)
  • ​6 months of live facilitated office hours ($5,500)
  • ​Replay library ($1,997)


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Student Testimonial
Today, I celebrate a special accomplishment in my career that is the Top Medical Writer Course in Medical Copywriting for the Pharmaceutical Industry. The course and the office hours were full of learning, not only technical, but also for my life as a solopreneur. 
~Mariana Dalagnol, PharmD, PhD, Freelance Medical Writer
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